Housekeeping excellence

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The hotel housekeeping department is one of the most important sections of a hotel, mainly responsible for the overall cleanliness but also responsible to report any maintenance issues to be fixed before the guest returns to the room. Having said that, I must reiterate that the performance of all departments are essential to deliver the level of expectation of the guests, be it front or back of house.

Every employee interaction adds to the guest experience, so hotel management must train their team to ensure employees do their part to make it a positive one.

Greet guests

Deal with guests and colleagues in a professional and polite manner. In order to provide better service a housekeeping staff should also follow procedures by smiling at guests while entering the room, greeting them warmly in an even tone and promptly addressing all questions, comments and concerns. It is vital to respond to a guest’s call immediately or within the shortest time possible.

Staff training

The housekeeping team has to be trained in all areas of cleanliness of a room and know how to deal and communicate with guests when they run into them.

Off limits

All guest property and belongings including hotel amenities are off limit to hotel staff and employees need to avoid using hotel amenities for their own convenience. The features are for guests only and granting access to these areas will likely cause dismissal.

Room access

Housekeeping staff must use caution when cleaning a room containing guests’ belongings. Never allow anyone but the registered guest to enter the room on your watch. If in doubt, contact the supervisor for guidance, the safety of guests is important.

Proper attire

Hotel housekeeping staff must wear uniforms and maintain proper grooming and standards in the hotel premise. They should perform their respective duties according to the hotel standards and policies by following instruction accordingly. Housekeeping staff are also responsible to ensure proper cleanliness and hygiene in the hotel area as well as in staff working area. All working equipment should be clean and tidy and placed neatly in the allocated area after completion of work.

Best behaviour

When on hotel property staff represents the property. A lot of time housekeeping staff will do their duties unsupervised and are expected to follow the rules & regulations. Obviously, going through guests’ personal belongings is a major lapse of conduct. Other actions such as watching television, listening to the radio and using the phone in guest rooms also count as unprofessional, so resist the temptation.

Maximum effort

Guests should not see a housekeeping staff during their entire stay; that is true luxury_LVO_Associates

The cleanliness of a hotel room is frequently the deciding factor of whether a guest will return for subsequent stays. Like any job, certain responsibilities associated with it might feel a bit repetitive after a while, but completing each to perfection is a must. It is the little things that mean the most, so understand the importance of housekeeping and always give it the energy it deserves.

The art of great housekeeping is to deliver a perfectly clean and tidy room at all times, without ever running into the guest, and the guests ever seeing any housekeeping staff.  If possible, a guest should not see a housekeeping staff during their entire stay, not for cleaning or for turn-down service.

With today’s technology it has become relatively easy to know whether the guest is in the room or not and with proper monitoring of the guest’s movements around the hotel, the staff can avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That is true luxury.

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