Capella’s new sister brand, Patina, is conceptualised around the growing digital nomad trends
Incorporating Wellness Into Hotel Design
Wellness is now one of the biggest and fastest growing sub-sectors of the hospitality industry. Even before Covid-19, the wellness industry was valued at an estimated USD4.5 trillion, and since 2020, people are more mindful of caring for themselves in...
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70% of the hospitality workforce is female, yet only 25% of leadership positions are occupied by women
How to celebrate International Women’s Day in a meaningful way
Spring is fast approaching and with it comes International Women’s Day, which has become a more prominent fixture on the marketing calendar in recent years. Much like Earth Day or World Mental Health Day, IWD is now acknowledged across many...
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Psychedelic retreats offer guests healing, clarity and self-exploration
Psychedelic retreats: the world is looking for alternative healing
Psychedelic retreats are on the rise, offering guests life-changing transformations, from healing to clarity to self-exploration, through psychedelic experiences. This newfound popularity is partly credited to the book How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan, which explores new research...
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The Crypto Hotel
Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and their future in hospitality
It was only in 2008 that pseudonymous Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto devised the first blockchain database, authored his white paper and kickstarted the entire cryptocurrency revolution. Only 14 years later, crypto is on an ever-evolving rollercoaster ride,both heralded as the...
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Quality Sleep
Did you sleep well? Why quality sleep has become a top priority for hotels
As providers of overnight accommodation, sleep has always been a priority for hotels. However, with rising rates of insomnia and more research available on the importance of sleep (and quality of sleep), hotels are upping their game when it comes...
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Bespoke experiences
Biohacking: a passing fad or an ongoing trend?
Described as the fastest-growing wellness trend of the times, biohacking is a huge force in wellness right now. So, what exactly is biohacking, which players in the hospitality industry are offering biohacking services and treatments, and is it a trend...
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Interesting and engaging presentations
Trip Stacking: What is it, What are the Benefits, and What are the Hidden Costs?
Booking travel is complicated right now. Some places are opening up again, while others are locking down. Some countries have high vaccination rates and a majority fully vaccinated (or even third-shot-boostered!) population, whereas others are behind or are contending with...
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Hotel Management Consultancy
Travel by numbers: changes in travel frequency, length of stay, and more
Much has been written about how travel will change post-Covid. As more and more countries are opening up to vaccinated travellers, some without quarantine, we’re starting to see trends emerge. However, much speculation has revolved around what people are looking...
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Hotel Management Consultancy
Why are hotels becoming more pet-friendly?
Are you one of the many people who welcomed new pets during 2020? You’re not alone. The UK reported in March that 3.2 million households (11% of British households) have brought in a new pet since the start of the...
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Hotel Management Consultancy and Mental Wellness
The Growing Prioritisation of Mental Wellness in Hospitality
Think of the word “wellness” and you’ll likely think of a spa retreat; ethereal chanting on repeat, the sweet scent of jasmine, and frangipani blossoms floating in a copper bowl. However, the definition of wellness is changing, expanding to become...
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