On the health path

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Travelers needing an outlet different from normal are heading for a transformative healthy experience making wellness tourism popular. There are many new combinations of travel destinations that focus on ‘healthy’ experiences that appeal to both children and adults that come at much more affordable price-points.

With so much constant daily stress and endless work commitments time off becomes even more important. It’s pushing people to want vacations that are restorative and actually make them feel better as they desperately need the break.

Wellness tourism puts health and well-being at the very center of the travel experience. Trips planned around the principle of wellness can include health focused meals, exercise programs, spa treatments and opportunities to experience or expand spirituality and creativity. You learn how to better care for yourself, physically, psychologically and spiritually; a much more overall holistic approach.

Wellness vacationing while enhancing or maintaining physical, mental or spiritual well-being can involve everything from yoga retreats to boot camps, to healthy cooking tours and silent meditation retreats, all falling under the one umbrella.

Food for body, mind and soul

Since wellness travelers are not going to sacrifice on flavours for health, be prepared to deliver consistent delectable dining experiences. Farm-to-table dining has become a major culinary wellness trend and more restaurant management teams are increasingly offering light cuisine, with items low in salt and sugar, free of oil, or at least not (deep) fried, and even simply raw food menus.

Detox retreats

If you are looking for a way to transform your body with a healthy boost, an intensive detox holiday lasting from five to ten days, or even longer, is exactly what you need to kick-start effective and long-lasting results. By combining healthy dietary intake with physical exercise, wellness and cleansing treatments, healthy detox retreats ensure you’ll get the results you’re looking for.

Signature experiences


Your hotel management can stand out with signature experiences, often these unique treatments spring from the destination’s culture or surroundings. Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda sessions in India for guests are based on their goals including techniques to unleash energy and focus on breathing. Guests can also opt for deep tissue acupressure in China, or stretch massages where energy lines are followed in Thailand. Other forms of traditional massages include Japanese Shiatsu massage, Swedish massage that increases circulation as well as the Lomi Lomi Hawaiian technique.

Back to nature

Going back to basics is also growing in popularity with travelers who have health in mind opting for farming and camping experiences. Reconnecting with nature offers a wealth of mental and physical benefits.

Wellness cruises

Cruises with wellness in mind are increasingly offering innovative options to health-minded passengers, as people increasingly resist the idea of ditching their otherwise healthy lifestyles while on vacation and travelers look for transformative rather that canned experiences.

Wellness at airports

Often, a wellness journey begins at an airport. Airports are jumping on the wellness tourism bandwagon with healthy offerings. Getting in touch with nature is a major element of wellness tourism, and some airports are bringing the outdoors in.

Food options in airports have evolved considerably beyond fat- and salt-laden choices. Major airports are offering everything from organic, sustainable cuisine to vegetarian and vegan options. Some restaurant management teams also source food and beverages locally emphasising what’s in season.

Getting physical

Even dedicated sun-and-sand travelers often seek a little exertion alongside their relaxation. The best physical options combine activity and nature: two keys of wellness tourism.

Water activities, including surfing, white water rafting and scuba diving, are riding a wave of popularity. Other adventures, such as zip-lining, also fuel adrenaline, which sets the stage for deep relaxation afterwards. Physical activities aren’t just for adults, families love the combination of movement and the outdoors.

Growing medical tourism

Internationally the most frequently sought and profitable services include dental care, elective surgery, fertility treatment, and cosmetic surgery. Developing countries are focusing on medical tourism as a growth industry.

Using travel advisors

While it’s easy to book with a single you can also go to a travel advisor who is in to wellness travel as more advisors are developing expertise in this relatively new arena by specialising in healthy travel.

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