Training to be exceptional

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‘Experience’ is the buzzword in the hospitality industry and many hotel management teams are striving to provide the perfect conditions that turn the experience of a hotel stay into a loyal repeat guest, setting it apart from everyone else.

Emotionally intelligent employees connect at the “heart level” with guests and meet their needs in a way that’s authentic and memorable. The ultimate goal of the training manager is to ensure that the service is delivered from the heart with integrity. Communication and the way in which your employees interact with guests can make or break the guest experience.

Every member of the team at a hotel has to learn customer service skills that go above and beyond guest’s expectations. While some employees may come to the company with amazing people skills and years of customer service under their belts, it is important to train all employees extensively to get everyone on the same page.

Most hotel management want to deliver a consistent experience to all and training your team in a service sequence is important, so that the ball is not dropped on anything. This repeated training will give the team a sense of confidence, and with that they are able to relax during the service process and perform their skills in a more casual manner, without being too friendly, or being disrespectful. But making it a more natural experience for the guests; service with a sincere smile.

The hotel management team needs to train new employees on how to attend to guests and give intermittent refresher courses to current employees. Retaining loyal hotel staff involves motivation, dedication and devotion by the hotel management team as hotel employees are constantly expected to deliver impeccable services while being polite and welcoming.

Ensure your property is putting its best face forward and focus on training hotel staff to create the perfect experience for guests. Employees must understand who their guests are and why they’re at the hotel, and to anticipate what they might need.

The right attitude

Setting service standards that are repeatedly trained will result in superior consistent service experienced by guests._LVO_Associates

Great people are the backbone of a great hotel, and you can only get those great people if you hire for what’s inside them, the right attitude that makes them able to be pleasant, enthusiastic, and thoughtful, day in and day out, while on their feet and serving guests.

Get with the programme

You have to train people on the unique story of the hotel so they understand what is different or special about the property. Training has to be targeted from the start, especially for employees new to the hospitality industry and should be continuous throughout staff careers.

Behaviour and communication

Teach staff how to identify customers’ needs and requests, and how to conduct themselves when assisting the customer. Communication and the way in which your employees interact with guests can make or break an experience. Employees need to be cool, calm and collected, but they also need to be accommodating and supportive as well.

Set growth targets

When hiring for a specific position set a target as it motivates the candidate to know and assess the growth curve. Offer incentives to staff that outshine the rest in achieving the goal as healthy competition promotes a culture of excellence.

Prepare for the challenge

Hotel employees should be trained to handle the events and pressures of their day-to-day tasks. The hospitality industry works on person to person interaction and is demanding, so conducting regular counselling sessions, training camps and casual meetings to gauge and motivate staff is vital.

Bring out the best

Staff presence and approachability can go a long way to earn goodwill, appreciation and loyalty. Keeping your hotel staff polished, friendly and optimistic is the biggest factor to bring out the best in them. Give staff ample time to interact and develop a sense of belonging.

Get in character

One of the most effective forms of training employees is role-playing, allowing them to play the role of a guest while working with staff who are training them. Then, at other times, they will play the part of an employee and the trainer will pretend to be the guest.

Be innovative

Training methods are evolving and that means combining technology into training by offering online programmes and on mobile devices.

There is no better motivator than knowing how much the employee is valued by the hotel. Giving staff the motivation to perform better while gaining their trust and loyalty is a pivotal part of the hotel management team.

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