Unplugged: Real time out

hospitality consultant

Disconnecting from the turmoil of modern times can be the ideal antidote to the stress of day-to-day life and purposely having no connectivity with the outside world is a new aspect of the luxury resort experience, to a certain segment of frequent travellers.

The promise of quality relaxation time appeals to all generations as they crave to cut themselves off from the rest of the world and reach that inner equilibrium that they are lacking spent at a specific resort concept.

No cell reception ensures guests really do get to block out the world completely from their minds and unwind in a beautiful environment offering “real time out”. It is an added draw treasured by those who live extremely hectic lives constantly connected to the outside world being exposed to the blue light of their gadgets and screens.

Naturally vacation destinations are still wired and connected and guests can be reached in case of emergencies by family and friends. The resort management will offer limited WiFi zones in limited areas for guests needing to connect briefly to conduct business; only at the library for instance.

Getting away from technological tethers of texting and talking gives the brain a chance to slow down, reconnect with nature and enjoy each and every moment for what it is.

In the constant state of buzz we live in digital unplugging also helps people cope with fear of the unknown, inability to communicate face to face, poor people skills, shyness, loneliness, lack of team spirit and detachment from reality.

Whether it is a quiet romantic getaway for two, an activity filled vacation with a group of friends or a family vacation, detaching yourself from your phone and truly unplugging can seriously improve your quality of life.

You can do it without worrying about what you’re missing as going offline has its benefits:

Vacations are infrequent

With hectic schedules on a daily basis it is crucial to make the most of special days off when you can spend precious time with your partner, friends or family and kids and benefit from the constant attention.

Unlocks free time

Going offline allows you to maximise every minute of leisure possible and ensure that fun and exciting activities are available all day long in a resort design environment.

Time for interactive meals

Vacations are the perfect time to connect with others in a relaxed way that is not often possible at home. There’s no cooking to do, dishes to clean up, rush to complete homework or prepare for the next day at work.

Recharge relationships

Unplugging on vacations outside provide temporary relief from struggles at home or work and remind couples, friends, parents and kids to have fun together.

Respite for the brain


A well-rested brain leads to improved concentration, increased mental clarity, good sleep quality and more benefits necessary to become a better person. In line with a rested brain, relaxation is good for the soul regardless of age. It moderates mood fluctuations which helps everyone get along.

Different perspective

Going offline gives you the chance to enjoy what is happening and be in the present moment without the stress and interference of the outside world.

Setting a good example

In an age where most of us are on our digital devices throughout the day, you can show your fellow vacationers that going offline is beneficial, after all human relationships are more important.

Can’t turn back the clock

Remember you will never be the same age again and life takes unexpected twists and turns, so enjoy every single minute you have together to the fullest.

Unplugged vacations not only offer a total disconnect from the outside world but also a total connect to fellow travellers on the ground. So live the moment, unwind and recharge body, mind and soul.